Are you interested in…


• Improving the degree of balance in your life?

• Reducing your level of anxiety and stress?

• Learning the skills of self-calming and relaxation?

• Responding to challenging emotions such as anger, sadness, grief, guilt, and fear with greater awareness and skill?

• Getting a better handle on obsessive thoughts and/or compulsive actions?

• Consciously observing your thoughts and developing some distance from them rather than having your thinking dictate the quality of your experience?

• Learning how to turn down the volume of chronic pain so you can live with it with greater acceptance and ease?

• Developing the awareness and skills that will enrich and strengthen your recovery from any form of addiction?

• Feeling like a competent and empowered parent instead of an overwhelmed and exhausted one?

• Learning how to communicate with your significant others—partners, parents, and children—in ways that enhance the potential for real dialogue?

• Finding ways to become more content and at peace?

If your answer to any of these possibilities is “yes,” you’ll find beneficial information and resources on this site—information and resources that can help you begin or continue to learn, grow, and heal.